Wednesday, October 20, 2010

12/12/12 I am officially in love with this date. I can't wait to experience the melodic chaos that is wedding planning. I already have a picturesque image of me clad in my Ivanka Trump inspired gown walking down the aisle towards my groom basking in his handsomeness. :) *I love you, Love!

The food must be superb! Nothing less can satisfy my foody tastebuds. I have a few caterers in mind... can't wait to food taste.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

with the defense nearing, i cant seem to keep my head straight. dreamt of cheesecake and a person i'd rather not identify (nope. its not michael jackson!). I was trying to get the cheesecake away from him (assuming he is a guy) but he wouldnt give it to me. we tugged and pulled in every direction but the cheesecake remained his. i never got the chance to own it or get it back (i dont know which). until i let go. the last thing i saw was that he ran off with the cheesecake eating it with his bare hands like a savage (imagine night of the living dead only it was cheesecake not human brain). it was crazy. and then i caught myself crying wanting to get the cheesecake back but i cant anymore because he ate all of it. that sadistic son of a biatch. i hope he rots in the men's room. didnt he know he is lactose intolerant? stupid jerk!

why would he do that? he didnt like my cheesecake anyway. or maybe he shows me he doesnt like it but deep inside he is tingling with desire whenever he experiences that melt-in-your-mouth, velvetty creamy goodness of my rich, luscious, sweet-tart cheesecake. ooohhhh! maybe he is using that pakipot technique with me hoping that i will see his disinterest as a challenge and make more cheesecakes for him until i make him like it. Ha, that sleezy dog. he thinks he can outwit me. didnt he know i am the over thinker?! his game is so obvious!

what the heck, i cant get it back anyway. like what they say dont cry over spilled redhorse. ; )
Got my morning call from a really fat, juicy ipis crawling up my leg. Imagine my horror when I realized that I was sharing my bed with that awful winged life form. Shouted yuck in a million and one tongues hoping that it could figure out that he is (uhmm) unwanted anywhere within a thousand miles from my left, right, front, back, top and bottom. Sadly, it cannot understand human and not used to hearing curses either. Tried to boo it, shoo it, shoed it, still alive and there! Screamed for the green pressurized canister with a big dead ipis label. didn’t dare press the nozzle though. I wouldn’t want my sheets to stink mothball style. Had to go with my head here and the most logical thing for me to do was to leave it in my room for dead. That sounded smart for about 3 seconds when I realized I left my bath towel inside. My morning couldnt get any darker. until I caught the ipis wallowing in my towel’s Downy-softness. SPOKE TOO SOON!!! Wiggled my arms vigorously hoping that I’d be able to shake, shake it offff (get it?! no?! never mind.) but its fuzzy crawlers just held on. What’s worse than a clingy ipis? Ooohhh I know, a clingy airborne ipis! That hideous thing just started to violate my aiprspace like a middle-aged menopausal lady whose hormones have gone haywire. That was it. my panic button was officially on and I was in the run-for-the-hills mode. To think that I was only 5 minutes up! I wonder how the rest of my day would be like? Looking forward! I’m feeling super!!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

mic test...